Your Practical Kitchen

Imagine if life around the dinner table could be easy. How would it feel to prepare meals that fit your budget, come together quickly, and have your family (including you!) eager to gather around the table?

  • Tired of feeling stressed out when it’s time to make dinner?
  • Does another night of takeout or fast food leave you discouraged – both by the cost and the quality of food you are feeding your family?
  • Do you feel guilt over the meals you feed your family?
  • Would you like to begin feeling confident and calm at meal-prep time?
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Imagine learning how to organize and run your kitchen so well that preparing meals for your family is a breeze. 

You will welcome spending time in your kitchen, feeling:

  • empowered with a meal plan that works, knowing you have the ingredients to pull it off night after night, week after week;
  • satisfaction that you stayed on budget and still fed your family well;
  • more confidence in the kitchen;
  • satisfied that you put a quality meal in front of your family with less stress;
  • excited about what you’re feeding your family.

Grab these free organization list printables and start organizing your kitchen and pantry.


Hi, I’m Heather McCurdy, and over the past 10 years, I’ve learned how to embrace my limited grocery budget AND lower my stress in the kitchen at the same time. For a long time I hated my kitchen. It was a place of stress, frustration, and guilt but life felt too busy and changing things felt too daunting.

Then my daughter….and then me…and then my son were all diagnosed with a tree nut allergy and our life changed. We had to pay more attention to what we were putting on our plates and in our mouths. We had to read every label of every processed item we purchased and it forced me to come face to face with my guilt and frustration over the quality of food I had been feeding my family for years. I felt like a huge failure. And I knew, I had to get back to the basics of making our own food.

And it was hard. Quite frankly, it sucked having to make the bulk of our food from scratch especially while I was also juggling kids and homeschool, and work, and just general life. But giving up wasn’t an option so I set out to find ways to make prepping meals for my family easier. To feed my family without compromising on flavor and quality even though our modest food budget didn’t increase.

What I discovered is the secret to a stress-free kitchen. I’ve mastered this and now my kitchen is a place of joy even though my busy life didn’t disappear (in fact, I have even more responsibility than ever these days).

I can help you do the same thing!

I’ll teach you how I conquered the dinner menu and learned to enjoy the time I spend in the kitchen so that you can do the same for you and your family!

Your Practical Kitchen Heather

In this unique community you’ll benefit from:

  • reduced stress during the entire meal-planning process;
  • loving your kitchen again (or maybe for the first time!);
  • confidence to expertly navigate your kitchen, the grocery store and the dishes you’ll create;
  • encouragement to grow and learn in a safe, judgment-free community.

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Step 1 to running a practical kitchen – Grab these free organization list printables and start organizing your kitchen and pantry.