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A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to receive a set of free Woolzies dryer balls to try out. Oh, and a set to give away to one of my readers (YAY!!).

Do dryer balls work?

I have been wanting to try dryer balls for a few years now but was worried because many are made out of wool and I am extremely sensitive to wool. Dryer balls are an investment – an investment that should pay off IF they don’t bother your skin. A set of 6 is priced around $34 on Amazon. However, when you figure in the fact they are good for approximately 1,000 loads you can see that they are cheaper or on par with your traditional dryer sheets. Because of the out of pocket cost I wasn’t sure I was willing to risk an itchy day to discover they didn’t work for me.

Since they were free I figured it was worth a shot. We don’t use dryer sheets anyway because I am just not a fan of the chemicals in them. Plus may of the scents bother my nose and there is nothing worse than your clothes making you sneeze all day. However, the dryer in our rental leaves clothes full of static and takes forever to dry. After 9 months I desperately needed a solution. I was close to resorting to tennis balls in my dryer but skeptical that I wasn’t adding a different toxin to my laundry.  Woolzies claim to be hypoallergenic so I decided to give them a try.

We received our set of 6 in the mail and started using them almost immediately. I have given it a few weeks just to make sure my skin didn’t start breaking out after several uses and I am happy to say there have been no problems with them causing itching. We use homemade laundry detergent and as it doesn’t have a scent, clothes just smell like clothes. Hopefully CLEAN clothes but nothing fancy and pretty. The Woolzies have left them smelling fresh. I’m not sure if it’s the way they dry but sometimes they just didn’t smell that fresh. If nothing else I will forever love the Woolzies for that reason.

Another thing I hate about my dryer is no matter what you do, even wrinkle guard is no help with the wrinkles. Woolzies help cut down on the wrinkling that generally occurs in my dryer.

The question is, do Woolzies cut down on dry time? I have had friends who say it has by up to 25%. The truth for me is that I simply don’t know. We have tried to figure that out. I want to say it does. They seem to but I can’t be completely certain because, well, this dryer stinks. Short of washing a load and drying it without the Woolzies, then washing it again and drying it with the Woolzies I can’t tell because my dryer just runs until it is dry. No other setting dries the clothes well. I wish I could be more definitive than that.

I can say that I believe they are as worth buying as they are made of wool – 100%.

Great replacement for chemical filled dryer sheets

Woolzies Facts:

  • good for 1,000 loads
  • cuts drying time by 25%
  • made of 100% wool
  • hypoallergenic
  • eco friendly
  • natural fabric softener
  • helps get rid of static and wrinkles
  • handmade with wool from New Zealand
  • Some noise when drying but not too intrusive

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Now how about that giveaway I promised? One lucky reader will win a set of Woolzies dryer balls. All you need to do is comment below to be entered.

****GIVEAWAY WINNER IS comment 45, chosen via – Kelly M. CONGRATULATIONS KELLY!! I know you will love your Woolzies.

Mandatory entry: Comment with your favorite laundry product.

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Please make sure you leave a separate comment for each entry. We will be verifying entries. Giveaway runs through April 10, 2013, 11:59 PM EST. This giveaway is only good for addresses in the USA. You must be 18 years or older to enter. Winner will be chosen via Prizes are shipped by the company so I have no control over when the prize winner will receive their reward. Good Luck!

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  1. Like Real the Kitchen and Beyond on Facebook. Kristie Morrison Donelson. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  2. Using baking powder (along with regular laundry soap), is one of my favorite “ingredients” to add to a wash of clothes for removing extra odors. Would love some Woolzies!

  3. my favorite laundry product is my washer. it is awesome! i also love my ecos lavender detergent. very economical (@sam’s) and quite effective. thanks for the giveaway! i could really use this-my grown kids keep showing up and leaving with my household supplies!

  4. My favorite laundry product is Borax. It’s amazing. Add 1/2 cup to each load and wham! everything is brighter and cleaner!

  5. One of my favorite laundry products is Purex Laundry detergent. It works great on cleaning our clothes and is on sale often.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  6. My favorite laundry product are the hypo-allergenic soaps, and using baking powder to remove extra smells.

  7. I have recently started putting two tablespoons of Borax in each load of laundry, and I use way less detergent, but my clothes seem to be cleaner and fresher! Needless to say, my favorite laundry product is Borax, because it saves me money. I believe I would love Woolzies for the same reason.

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