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Several weeks ago my family went on a field trip, family style. That’s what homeschoolers do, or so I am told. I love that we live so close to Philadelphia, the place where so many important moments in history occurred, and may I add, so many fantastic restaurants to try. There are so many things to do in Philadelphia for kids and adults.

Independence Hall

Quick Tip: Park at The National Constitution Center for an easy walk to all the historical sites.

Independence Hall Visitor’s Center

Our first stop was at Independence Hall Visitor’s Center. The visitor’s center could take an hour of your time. They have a small quick serve food center and tables but I recommend holding off for the restaurant we visited.  In the Visitor’s Center, you get a quick peek at what is in the vicinity, a synopsis of our city’s impact on the founding of this country, and slavery in America.

There are 2 short movies that you can pop into and there is a bench for storytelling. There isn’t always someone at the storytelling station so make sure you take advantage of that if you are able.

This is also where you can pick up tickets for Liberty Bell and Independence Hall if need be. The tickets are free and you do not need them in the off-season but they are in high demand over the summer so I recommend ordering them online ahead of your visit to ensure you get to see what you want to see.

Liberty Bell

So close you can touch it, except you aren’t allowed, Liberty Bell is breathtaking. This is especially true because it is situated with Independence Hall as the backdrop. Before you get to the grand finale of this stop make sure to wander through the outdoor “walls” where you will learn more about the archeological dig that has commenced below the site of the Liberty Bell, including a peek below ground at the discovery of the once upon a time President’s House.

After this, make your way inside and toward the Bell itself, where you will learn about iconic people along the way. After a brief stop at the Liberty Bell, exit the building and head toward Independence Hall.

Quick tip: There are metal detectors at both Liberty Bell and each stop at Independence Hall so be prepared for this and prepare kids.

Independence Hall

The final historical stop for the day is at Independence Hall and surrounding buildings. If you are lucky enough, they will be fully staffed so you can get a look at the upstairs offices, where different offices, meetings, and meals were held. History. You will be standing in history, and it was amazing.

The best part of the whole trip is standing in the very room where they signed the Constitution. Totally awe inspiring. Seeing the courtroom, Congress Hall, running your hand over the banister that our founding fathers touched – I cannot lie, this history buff was giddy.

Quick Tip: Park in a central location or map out the sites you want to see so you can loop around. Come prepared in case you need to pay cash for parking, but usually you can use a credit card to pay.

Visit Philly: Farmicia Restaurant - Real: The Kitchen and Beyond

FARMiCiA Restaurant

What would an adventure to visit Philly be without trying out a local restaurant? FARMiCiA is a few blocks away but well worth the walk. If you have time in your day I recommend stopping there for lunch then visiting the Benjamin Franklin Museum, Betsey Ross’ House, Elfreth Alley, and the National Constitution Center on your way back to where you parked.

FARMiCiA Restaurant is a farm to table restaurant with courteous staff and delicious food. The simple decor has just the right touches – simple apple centerpieces, touches of art, and the coolest fans you will ever see, that run on a pulley system.

And the food. The food is amazing. The prices are affordable and the portions are perfect for lunchtime. I recommend a hearty soup to start if it is cold outside. I had a chicken mushroom rice soup that was amazing. I could eat it all day.

One of my favorite things about the restaurant is that they were careful of our allergies and they serve a variety of things so everyone can find something to fit their dietary needs. I also loved that the kids’ meals were kid friendly and affordable but not “less than” in quality. The kids were given meals that were just as good as the adult meals. My kids appreciated that they had more options than chicken fingers and french fries.

And speaking of the french fries. You have to order french fries. They were so good. It was incredibly hard to choose the main entree. Everything looked so delicious, but I finally settled for the Beef and Chorizo Burger. It was huge and bursting with flavor. Even though I was stuffed I just couldn’t stop eating it, it was so good.

They also have a variety of sandwiches, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Don’t forget dessert. They have an assortment of desserts that are hard to choose from. I had a Vegan Lemon Ginger Cake that was rich and dense and so good. I took it to go and managed to finish it before we hit the city limits.

Visit Philly

This is just a glimpse of things to do in Philadelphia. You could spend several days exploring this area alone. Make sure you give yourself a few days if you only get to come here once or twice.

Never visited our amazing city? What’s stopping you? Pack your bags and hit the road. We’d love to meet you.

We’d also love to hear what we need to see and do in YOUR city. Leave us a comment to let us know what you recommend.

Food and Family Fun Historic Philadelphia - Real: The Kitchen and Beyond


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