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There’s a place far from my childhood home(s) that I have always loved and remembered with nostalgia. I remember when I was 6 and my aunt took me there to get shoes – only the coolest shoes – hi-top purple KangaROOS, to be exact. What 6 year old girl of the ’80’s wouldn’t LOVE these shoes? This shoe shop was, and in fact, still is located within Booth’s Corners. This was one of the perks of moving to this area. We are close by, and now I take my children to the Friday/Saturday market occasionally, buying and sampling my way around it. In our rounds we walk by this little Greek corner restaurant, Grecian Delights. Here is where Uniquely Greek comes from.

Booth's Corners Market

Uniquely Greek was started, and is run by a brother-sister powerhouse. One delivers food, one delivers creativity, and both deliver an authentic experience. Neither has a lick of Greek in them, but both are UNIQUELY Greek. Their feta spreads, tzadziki, and hummus are all freshly made and deliver an all natural, no preservative eating experience. The ingredient label has few items and all of them are easily read and understood (like homemade!).

uniquely greek pita, hummus, tzadziki and feta spread

This foodie is in love. Sure, I love to make my own foods from scratch, but I also love to find new products that are natural and homemade without the work. I CAN make hummus, but I don’t. I could make feta spread, but I don’t. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. And seriously, when some one else does such a great job, why not buy it from them? There is no way I am missing out on these products simply because I “could make it but don’t”. How many times have you done that? Skipped buying something because “you could make it”? How many times did you end up making it more than once? Uh-huh. That’s what I thought.

Lunch with Uniquely Greek at Grecian Delights

Next time you are in Booth’s Corners make sure you stop by Uniquely Greek for a quick and easy gourmet lunch.  While you are there grab a container or two of their delicious spreads and feta for your weekly menu. Not sure where to start in mixing it up? Try their Uniquely Greek Spinach Feta Spread with Salmon or Uniquely Greek Buffalo Feta Spread with chicken. More recipe ideas can be found on their website, and I will be experimenting with some dinnertime ideas over the next few weeks.

Uniquely Greek Baklava Ice Cream drizzled with chocolate and honey

Not near Booth’s Corners or shopping on another day? Here are the other locations you can find their products.  Next up, online ordering.

**I was invited to a munch and lunch to learn more about Uniquely Greek and what they have to offer.  I was under no obligation to write a post about them or their products and all opinions are my own.  I WRITE because I LOVE. **

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