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Our dining room chairs stink.The legs angle out from the seat and since they are old the glue has started to dry out. The connecting spokes started slipping out of their holes a while ago so we glued them. They didn’t stay and keep popping out, slowly buckling the chair out from under whoever is sitting in it. One by one our chairs are biting the dust and now there aren’t even enough use-able chairs for us all to sit at the table. This led to this call to my husband the other day as my chair slowly gave way under me.

“We need new chairs and we need them NOW!” I cringed as I said it. I knew he would agree with me but the thought of this “must spend now” expense wasn’t pleasant for me. After all, I had priced dining chairs and even the “cheapies” at WalMart and Ikea were $90-$179 a pair and I needed 6 chairs (at least). He agreed, we set a price, and I set out. At $200 I thought I could get some decent chairs at a used store – as long as someone had some “in good shape and not an eyesore” chairs. Honestly, I prefer to buy used furniture because it is so hard to find affordable furniture that is made to last, with real wood, and quality workmanship. Add in the fact that they are usually cheaper and it’s a win-win for me.

Store number 1 had several options – rickety, ugly rickety, and decorated rickety. WHY didn’t I get a picture to share with you?

Store number 2 had NOTHING – not even one lonely dining chair. They did however have some awesome kid finds.

Store number 3 had quite  a few options also – mismatched, too few, and one sturdy but “seen better days” set of 6 with a table we don’t need. The set was marked down from $175 to $100. Because of this they wouldn’t lower the price of the chairs more than $10 if I bought them without the table. Of course, for $10 I may as well buy the table too. Much to the surprise of the gentleman who wheeled my chairs out, I was able to fit all 6 chairs in the van along with the kids. Moving a lot helps you know how to work it all in!

Now I have a new project, since we all know I have tons of time on my hands. The seats need re-covered and eventually I will sand down the chairs and re-finish them.  For now here is one before and after. I am really excited to see how the rest turn out.

repurposing furniture

Today I am linking up with Barb at A Life in Balance for Fabulously Frugal Thursday. Check out her great post. So true, sometimes less is more!

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  1. I love the shape of the back of the chairs!

    We have brown Ikea chairs that were $40 each. I love the style and because they’re more narrow, we can fit more around the table. The downside is that they dent and nick more easily than I would like. Which reminds me – I can have DS16 use furniture polish to clean them up a bit.

    Thanks for linking up at Fabulously Frugal Thursday. Keep us posted about the chairs.

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