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Last night I had zero motivation to cook. It was hot and humid but there was fish thawed and it had to be made. I desperately wanted fish tacos, California Tortilla style, but didn’t have half the things I need to make them. It’s week two in our house and that means the grocery budget is spent and the cabinets/fridge are getting slim pickings on the good stuff. I decided to make a spin on nachos and even though it may be a stretch to call this dish nachos, we are naming them spicy fish nachos in our house.

Thankfully I did have a bag of tortilla chips, hot sauce, limes, and avocados. I had my husband scrape change together and grab a tub of sour cream and dinner was created.

It ended up that these spicy fish nachos were the perfect late evening meal. Light but filling no one walked away from the table hungry and I didn’t spend an hour in front of the stove. At the same time there was nothing boring or bland about them. so we felt like we actually ate a good meal rather than a haphazard thrown together dinner, which it technically was. I know there’s no “vegetable” but we are calling the corn tortillas and avocado in the topping our vegetable for this go ’round.

The Fish

Use your favorite white fish. I used approximately 2 pounds of cod. Add a little oil to a frying pan, throw the fish in, sprinkle on a little salt and pepper, then add hot sauce to taste. I would say approximately  1/4 cup. Put a lid on it and cook it until just done – until it flakes. Once it is done, crumble it all up and put the lid back on.

The Chips

Grab your favorite tortilla chips. Flavor wise I think the yellow corn tortilla chips are best in this recipe. You could always go all out and make your own. Whatever you do, make sure they are salted chips. You need that bit of salt to mix with the lime.

The Topping

Mix 1 1/2 cups sour cream with 1 avocado. Make it smooth and creamy. If you don’t tell the kids they may not even realize it’s there.

The Finishing Touch

Layer the chips, fish, and toppings. Give a good squeeze of lime juice over the top and serve.  Best part? No forks needed!

Spicy Fish Nachos

Spicy Fish Nachos make a nice and light summer dinner but still pack a punch of flavor



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