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Beans are a good simple dinner ingredient. Frugal and full of protein, beans are used in almost every culture’s cuisine to stretch meat or replace it in lean times.

simple-dinner-recipes-bean-soup-recipes-1 Beans: Easy to Grow

For vegetable gardeners, beans are an easy plant to grow. Reaching about a foot in height, bush beans can be planted around other larger vegetable plants or tucked along the edge of flower beds. While pole beans need support, corn can replace trellises for support, maximizing your garden’s yield.

Dried beans are easy to grow, too. Choose varieties bred for drying, and grow just like regular beans. Then, let the bean pods to fully mature on the plant and then dry to allow. Hang the dead plants in a cool dry place to dry completely especially if you have a wet fall.

How to Make Your Own Cooked Beans

Beans are easy to prepare; all you need is time and patience. Some beans need an hour; others need 3 hours. Older beans need more time than freshly dried beans. Don’t increase the temperature to speed up the cooking time. That will make the beans too mushy.

Don’t skip soaking the beans either. Soaking helps them cook more evenly. You can soak over them overnight or use the quick soak method shared below.

One pound of dried beans usually makes about 5 cups of cooked beans. I like to package my cooked beans in 1 and 2 cup portions in quart freezer bags.

Besides my quick cooking method, you can also make beans in the slow cooker.

How to Make Beans Quickly

Measure out 2 cups of beans and pick through them for stones and dirt. Place the beans in a colander and rinse with water. Put the beans into a large pot and cover them completely with cold water with an additional 2 inches of water. Bring the water to a boil and cook the beans for 10 minutes.

Let the pot of beans sit with a cover for 30 minutes. Then, drain the beans, and put them back in the pot. Cover again with cold water, plus 2 inches. Bring to a boil, and allow the beans to simmer for an hour or more depending on the type of bean.

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