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2.5 hours southeast of Seattle there lies a city by the name of Union Gap, a nondescript looking city at first glance, perhaps, but filled with hidden treasures. This was our ultimate destination on this New England to Pacific North West road trip.  Today I want to share about our stay at the Best Western Plus Ahtanum in Union Gap, WA.

Best Western Ahtanum Union Gap, WA

Our stay at the Best Western Plus Ahtanum Inn in Union Gap, WA was provided by the Union Gap Tourism Board and Best Western Ahtanum Inn. All opinions are my own. 

If you’ve followed along you know I’m starting in the middle of our epic cross country road trip, but it seemed fitting to start here – the reason this trip came into being. It’s been a dream of ours to drive cross-country across the northern states but with the unplanned purchase of a home last year after our huge move, we didn’t think it would be happening for at least a couple years.

Best Western Ahtanum Union Gap Sign
The hotel itself is unmarked so watch for the sign!

You can imagine then, why it was a strange series of events when a distant acquaintance in the produce industry walked up to me at Fresh Summit and after less than a minute of small talk asked if I ever go on blogging trips to visit places. I won’t bore you with the whole exchange but I still am in awe of how that simple conversation turned into this amazing road trip we are on.

View on road toward Union Gap

The journey here was a little stressful. Okay, try a lot. I had visions of sharing along the road, and I did. At least a bit, but the truth is, I was so overwhelmed just getting us on the road and figuring out last minute details that I failed to see just how stressful I made the beginning of this trip. The last time we road tripped we were able to make last minute reservations with ease –  both camping and hotel. I didn’t dream it would be any different so we set a loose plan with a definite arrival here in Washington but didn’t book specific places to sleep.

Road out of Union Gap

Aside from all the fun things you saw online – which really were loads of fun – you missed the stress. I was so busy trying to get a campsite booked…then a hotel when that didn’t pan out TWO DAYS IN A ROW that I didn’t get to share all the fun things I wanted to share – all the things I was looking forward to. We had so much fun but I constantly felt behind schedule and we were tired…so tired.

When we arrived at the Best Western Plus Ahtanum in Union Gap late the night of arrival the stress just melted away. We walked into the hotel and were greeted with a smile and cheery hello at 11 PM. There was a slight hiccup in our check in because SURPRISE! we were already checked in but GG handled it with smoothness and grace, leaving me calm and feeling like everything was going to work out fine when I generally would be anxious. The Union Gap Tourism Board had stopped by to put a lovely gift basket in our room and pay for it for 2 nights and we were auto checked in.

Union Gap Tourism Board Welcome

When we arrived at our room I was so incredibly grateful. The suite is spacious and has a kitchenette, and even though we didn’t had a chance to use it, it was nice knowing we have a place we can recommend families come and enjoy everything they could need. And there on the kitchenette counter was the sweetest welcome gift basket and display. I can admit I almost cried. We truly felt welcomed.

Best Western Union Gap WA Suite Kitchenette

In the morning we enjoyed a hot buffet breakfast before heading out for our day and it was so relaxing. The breakfast options are varied with thought put into everything – from sit-down options with plates and silverware to a grab and go corner with plasticware so you can take it on the road, we had an enjoyable breakfast. The food isn’t fancy but there are plenty of options to choose from and they have it set up so nicely.

Best Western Union Gap WA Breakfast 1

Best Western Union Gap WA Breakfast 2

Best Western Union Gap WA Breakfast 3

Best Western Union Gap WA Breakfast 4

There is an outdoor heated pool in the courtyard and a covered picnic area with a charcoal grill. Then in the lobby they have a double-sided fireplace that they plan to create an outdoor patio space around on the opposite side.

Best Western Union Gap WA Pool and BBQ

The rooms aren’t fancy but they are nicely appointed with comfort in mind and little touches that show someone cares. All my kids cared about? The soap and shampoo dispenser, pool, and TV. Hey, if that’s all it takes who am I to complain?!

Best Western Union Gap WA Bathroom

Make sure to check back and get the scoop on our visit to Central Washington Agricultural Museum, our visit to the peach/nectarine orchard and packing shed, and the good eats we enjoyed. 



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