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We have had a fun weekend away and cooking was NOT on my menu. With that, there has been some good food and there has been some not so good food. I am definitely inspired to replicate a few things at home for #PinterestFoodie posts coming up.

Like funnel cake. Nothing says carnival or boardwalk like funnel cake and I know my mom made it a time or 2 when I was growing up. I so love hot and greasy cakey funnel cake covered in powdered sugar. It’s love.

Saturday we went to the Tuckerton Truckerton Food Truck and Brew Fest. Another love. I am definitely a (good) food truck kind of girl. These completely intrigue me, and I had an amazing burger with cheddar, bacon and an onion ring perched on top. One of the best burgers i have ever had, 5 Sisters. Ooooh, and their pork belly slider, oh yeah!

This morning was crumb cake from Mallon’s in Ocean City, NJ. This is definitely one to make at home. All buttery, delicious, and of course, crumby.

So now that I’ve given you a glimpse into our weekend eats, I want to hear from you. What are you whipping up in the kitchen? Or what marvelous eats have you had while you were out and about? Dish it up with a link or a comment.


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