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Two months in and I feel like there is so much left on the Operation: Eat Down the Freezer list. I really need to make a dent in it because we don’t even know if we will be living in permanent or temporary housing in a few weeks.

I bought just a few groceries this week and am going to use the freezer as much as possible, so here goes for Operation: Eat Down the Freezer, Meal Plan 8.

Breakfast Plan 8

Lunch Plan 8

  • Sandwiches, baby carrots, and chips
  • Sandwiches, baby carrots, fruit
  • Sandwiches, baby carrots, and fruit
  • Salad with chick peas, apples, and veggies
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches, veggie sticks, and fruit
  • Leftovers
  • Smoked Chicken and Blackberry Salad with blackberry vinaigrette

Dinner Plan 8

  • Graduation party
  • Friend is bringing dinner
  • Leftover beef short ribs in a potato carrot soup
  • Chicken Cheddar Ziti (using smoked chicken)
  • Beef Roast with potatoes and carrots (slow cooker)
  • Hot Sausage, rice, and crushed tomatoes (slow cooker)
  • Fish sticks, tater tots, and asparagus (leftover frozen food from grandma’s house last week)

Operation: Eat Down the Freezer Meal Plan 8

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