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Whew! Sometimes there is so much going on in my head I just have to write it all out and this is one of those days. I should be sleeping. I should be relaxing on a warm beach somewhere. But I’m not. I’m killing time on Facebook and sitting here…writing.

I am loving my life. It’s crazy, it’s busy, and yes, to the friendly people who worked the McDonalds table at Mom Mixer today, I’m wearing five hats…I think. I can’t even remember how many it is now. With all these hats it’s a surreal kind of life right now.

I mean, one minute you’re dressed all pretty in glitz and glam, staying out until 11 PM. The next you’re teaching your kid history. Like, how random does that get? One minute you’re dressed for success and the next you’re elbow deep in 40 pounds of chicken. Seriously. Random? Real? Yes and yes.

What’s this mean to you? Well, next week you can look forward to posts on Main Line Parent’s Magazine Release Party, Mom Mixer Philly, maybe a homemade pasta recipe, and Zaycon Chicken. Oh, and I might even have a California Pizza Kitchen post for you.
You know what’s even better? Eating warm brownies at 11PM. My sweet husband bought a boxed mix and made me brownies.
Anxiously awaiting to embrace everything this next week has to offer. You have one life to live. Live it fully.

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  1. As soon as I saw “40 lbs of chicken” I knew it had to be Zaycon. Awesome stuff. If you haven’t yet, give the ground beef a try, it is excellent as well.

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