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I spent several days at Natural Products Expo East 2015, discovering new products and talking with brands I already love. The Natural Products Expo is packed full of products that are natural and/or organic and they have everything one could imagine under one roof. I love these expos because they give me a chance to connect with brands I love, find new brands, and give me a general scoop on what’s going on in the natural products world, but especially the food world.  Here’s the scoop on some great brands I saw.

Natural Products Expo East

12 Favorite Brands from Expo East 2015, Part 1

CideRoad is an organic switchel drink. I could tell you the story, but really, you need to visit for yourself because they’ve set their website up in a really fun way. It will only take a minute so check it out and pop back over. My take on switchel is that it tastes a bit like kombucha but isn’t strong like kombucha. It’s a lighter drink that is so refreshing. A sample gave me just the boost I needed to finish my day out strong.

CideRoad Switchel

Now that I’ve had salmon sausage I am never going back. Wild Grill’s fresh salmon sausage with jalapeño is fantastic. They also have a nonspicy option so you have zero excuse not to try it. They are branching out still so aren’t in every area, but rest assured, I am keeping my eye out for them. You MUST try.

Wild Grill

Some of you know my other site and our ‘fish story’. I’ve been watching as Back to the Roots debuted their breakfast cereal on the West Coast and waiting to find it on the East Coast. They assured me it is on its way and I am happy. Their cereal has super simple ingredients and they even have a purple cereal that is all natural, kid friendly, and parent approved. You need to give it a try and you are able to order online if it isn’t in your stores.

Back to Roots Water Garden

I discovered heirloom popcorn a couple of years ago and love it. The taste and quality stand out to me and Tiny but Mighty Popcorn has had these heirloom seeds in their family since the 1850s. You need to check out how these corn plants grow. It’s also refreshing to see a family business that has protected their seeds and hasn’t moved to hybridization or genetic modification. I find their kernels in the bulk bins at Whole Foods.

Tiny But Mighty Popcorn

You’ve had maple syrup, but have you had birch syrup? I discovered this syrup at the Expo and I am in love. Sample Alaska is a family business that produces birch syrup and other birch products in Alaska. It has a distinct flavor difference from maple and I can say there is definitely space in my life for both. Definitely give it a try sometime.

Speaking of maple syrup! I met these two guys who started their own businesses at 15 years old. One makes maple syrup and the other makes chaga. Together they are working on a maple chaga tea. I think I need to take my kids’ entrepreneurial ideas a bit more seriously! Check  out Parker Maple!

Parker Maple

My daughter and I have long loved Somersaults. While we are sad to see the whimsical logo disappear, we are happy that Somersaults are better than ever. My favorite are the cinnamon and the Dutch Cocoa is a perfect not-too-sweet treat. I love that the bags are easy to grab and go and the ingredients are ‘friendly’. They are perfect for lunches or to take on the road with us.


Nutrient Rich Superfood Infusion’s are fruit pouches with mom in mind. I met the couple who created this product and it was so fun learning where the concept came from and talking about our kids. I want to love chia seeds but sometimes the texture just gets me. These pouches are a perfect blend of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods. Note the size is much more suited to an adult but you don’t have to eat it all at once. You can keep them refrigerated up to 24 hours after opening. I say job well done. I am going to look for these locally because they are perfect for a grab-and-go breakfast on the road. You know (or just discovered) I always forget breakfast!

Nutrient Rich Superfood Infusion

Who loves garlic? Who loves hot sauce? Well, let’s just put the two together with no ‘bad for you ingredients’ and a punch of flavor. filfil no. 7 garlic hot sauce gives you that crazy hot sauce heat but doesn’t destroy your taste buds. You can cut it with mayo or something like that if you want less heat with a “still tastes good” flavor. Spot on filfil! You totally pull through on ‘ healthy doesn’t have to be boring’.

filfil no 7

Being allergic to nuts definitely has a major downside for a foodie. These events can be a little difficult to navigate sometimes but open up the way for some great conversations. I love horchata but sometimes it can be difficult getting an ingredient list out of people so I often skip ordering it – some use almond milk or flavoring and others don’t. Elmhurst Naturals is my hero company! They made a call to double check what the ‘natural flavorings’ are, cinnamon and vanilla, if you are wondering, and I am so excited that their horchata is nut-free. This is one of the booths I sent 3 other friends to. They also have cocoa and dulce de leche flavored horchatas. The cocoa horchata is amazing too. I didn’t try the dulce de leche. All flavors are brand new and not out on market quite yet but I will be watching for it.

Elmhurst Naturals Horchata

Cocktail Crate – This specialty mixer company offers outside the box mixers such as Sriracha Margaritas. They take cocktails to a new level of “easy making” and I love that he sources many of the ingredients through small businesses and fresh products.

Cocktail Crate

Brio Ice Cream – Creamy indulgence, this ice cream packs in a tasty dessert with less fat and more nutrients. I’ll raise a spoon to that. I tried it so I can attest that the taste claims are right. This is one dreamy ice cream.

Brio Ice Cream

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  1. Hi Heather,

    Thank you for giving us a shout out 🙂 It was a pleasure meeting you at the Expo East. You are right our products are prefect grab n go foods esp in the mornings. We are currently selling our products in Hoboken and NJ. We would love to do a give away contest for your subscribers. Please let me know if you are doing that.

    Warm regards

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