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Oh this is the season. It’s the season for all things cherry and I have some cherry recipes for you! From breakfast recipes to dessert recipes, there’s a bit of cherry here for everyone.

Sweet Cherry Recipes for National Cherry Day -

July is one of my favorite months, with the end of blueberries, the beginning of peaches, and cherries – plump juicy red cherries. I don’t have nearly enough cherry recipes but I do have a few to choose from in celebration of National Cherry Day!

Cherry Vanilla Granola – Whip up a batch of this crunchy morning cereal. It’s so simple with just a few ingredients. We love to have it for breakfast with milk or yogurt or as a snack. You could even use it in this next parfait recipe for a double cherry whammy.

Cherry Berry Cheesecake Parfaits – Breakfast? Dessert? We’re kind of confused ourselves, but we say it doesn’t mater what time of day you enjoy these. They are creamy, easy, and so delicious. Best of all, you probably have everything you need for them already.

Tropical Cherry Smoothies – If we didn’t already have breakfast, we’d be enjoying these gorgeous smoothies. Easy, pretty, and oh so good!

Chocolate Cherry Popcorn – True decadence. Who knew that ‘fancy popcorn’ could be this easy? Forget paying big bucks for it when you can make it at home in no time. Cherries+Chocolate+Popcorn=Snack Heaven

Sweet Cherry Chutney – This isn’t my recipe, but Marisa McLellan, creator of Food in Jars, makes this amazing chutney that will earn a spot in my preserving cabinet every summer from here on out.

Chocolate Cherry Hand Pies – These hand pies will have guests (or you) begging for more. Cocoa nibs add that satisfying nuttiness that we nut allergic people miss out on and a richness that regular chocolate just doesn’t. The flaky crust pairs so well with the rich filling. Just the thought of biting into one of these makes me melt.

Tuna Cherry Avocado Wraps– Hearty, healthy, and filling, the cherries in this wrap truly make the meal. This is one of my favorite lunches and so much cheaper than hitting up a gourmet sandwich shop.

Chocolate Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream – If you don’t have an ice cream maker go get one. Now. Homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks and fresh sweet cherries? Oh my! Put it on a chocolate cookie or brownie? Goodbye diet and hello worth it. Creamy, sweet, rich, and so tasty. It deserves the word scrum-diddly-umptuous if I do say so myself.

Cherry Limeade – This iconic mainstream drink has some yucky ingredients, if you actually read the label. While I tried to ignore it, it was glaring in my face so I made my own recipe. There may not be any red dye in it to make it that bright red, but it does have a nice fresh summer taste. Best of all, it satisfies my cherry limeade cravings without unpronounceable words!

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Brownies – It must be love. It doesn’t get much better than fudgy brownies swirled with cheesecake filling and the taste of cherries in every bite. You can’t let another second go by without making your own.

Grilled Fruit Salad – If you’ve found something lacking in every other recipe, this is so simple it’s to-die-for, although we prefer you keep on living. Seriously! Who came up with that saying? Either way, throw some fruit on the grill next time you BBQ. You won’t regret it and the flavors? Unbelievable that it’s still healthy!

Favorite Sweet Cherry Recipes for National Cherry Day -

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