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I love hosting a fall party. It’s a great excuse to bring the colors of fall inside and enjoy all autumn’s amazing flavors. Pumpkin and apple are my favorite fall treats, and no party would be complete without some apple cider. I wish I had thought to have an apple cider bar before the party ended because everyone definitely enjoyed the cider. Rather than having plain apple cider and spiked cinnamon appe cider, I could have set up my blender and made kid friendly apple cider slushies and hard apple cider slushies.

I even forgot to get my cider started on the stove so we didn’t have hot apple cider either. What we did have is one awesome party. Food Should Taste Good sponsored the party and sent me a variety of Food Should Taste Good chips. Along with them, I bought a few boxes of Food Should Taste Good crackers and we had a #craftingbetterchips fall party spectacular. Every party needs just a few rules so let’s review them.

fall party ideas with #craftingbetterchips and

Rule #1: Start with the most important thing – the food. Food should always be the star of a party and while I had grand plans I went a little more simple than originally intended because who wants to be cooking while all your guests are chatting and laughing?

fall party food with #craftingbetterchips and

Fall Party Menu

  • Chili Stuffed Corn Muffins (recipe coming soon)
  • Lil Smokies with both whole grain mustard and beer mustard
  • Food Should Taste Good Jalapeno Chips with freshly made salsa
  • Food Should Taste Good Olive Chips, Guacamole Chips, and MultiGrain Chips
  • Food Should Taste Good Brown Rice Crackers with Hummus
  • Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dessert with Gingersnaps
  • Apple Pie Bars
  • Coffee, tea, soda, wine, and of course, apple cider

fall party drinks with #craftingbetterchips and

Rule #2: Keep the decor simple with 1 or 2 key focal points.

fall party decor ideas with #craftingbetterchips at

Fall Party Decor Ideas

  • Fall colored table clothes. I love to stick with a simple brown that I can use anytime of year.
  • Plain colored paper plates are perfect when you pull in colorful napkins.
  • Bring fall inside – mums can be strategically placed inside for the evening and pie pumpkins can add to the decor then be turned into a yummy dessert.
  • 1 or 2 fall colored serving platters can be mixed in with silver or crystal for a pretty look.
  • Lower the lighting and light a few candles to add a nice cozy feel.

Fall party guests #craftingbetterchips

Rule #3: Have fun.

  • Want to have fun? Invite people. It isn’t a party without people.
  • Make food that you can set and forget. Since we had a few guests coming at different times I wasn’t able tocompletely do this but once everything was ready it was nice to be able to not worry about it anymore.
  • Spread out. Let people spread out between a few rooms so everything isn’t happening in one place. It allows people to focus on their conversations more.
  • Relax- enjoy your guests.
  • Send guests home happy. Food Should Taste Good sent all my guests home with this beautiful set. All my guests loved it.

Food Should Taste Good Party Favors

Next Day Rule #4: Take the leftovers and party some more! Since I wasn’t able to serve everything I had planned to at my party, I took some chips and a trio of dips to a lunch I went to the next day. Instead of having a huge variety of food options, keep it simple with a few bags of different chips like I did then prepare a trio of special dips or salsas will make it appear that there is more variety. I served my “second party” tortilla chips with freshly made salsa, easy guacamole, and jalapeno jelly over cream cheese.

More Great Party Foods

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