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Ice Castles in North Woodstock, NH is a great winter attraction for kids and adults. Make it a day trip or plan a vacation to North Woodstock, NH this winter so you can enjoy a bit of winter beauty in New Hampshire.

Ice Castles partnered with our family on this travel feature several years ago. I received free entry in exchange for sharing my experience.

What are the Ice Castles?

When I first heard of the Ice Castles I was immediately intrigued. 25,000,000+ pounds of ice? 10-foot thick walls? The list goes on but that alone is astounding. There is a short video on the website that shares more fascinating information. But no video or image can truly display how impressive the ice castles are. You have to see them for yourself.

Ice Castles is a winter attraction created by professional ice artists. Due to its makeup (ice!), it’s a limited time attraction so that is weather-dependent. Each castle is made up of water frozen into icicles and artfully displayed.

Each year the Ice Castles’ designs vary but they have ice sculptures lit with LED lighting, ice slides, tunnels, and mazes. My kids could have stayed for hours.

Where are the Ice Castles located?

Ice Castles has 6 locations across the northern United States and Canada. Each has unique features and pricing so I want to note that the information in the remainder of this article refers to the Ice Castles in New Hampshire. You can access location-specific information here.

  • Colorado
  • Minnesota
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Utah
  • Wisconsin

Where is the Ice Castles in New Hampshire located?

Ice Castles New Hampshire is located at 24 Clark Farm Road North Woodstock, NH. It is easy to access from the highway so winter travel is still fairly smooth (unless it’s the middle of a snowstorm) as they maintain the highway very well. Keep your camera handy for the trip as you will want to snap photo after photo as you drive through the mountains.

Ice Castles isn’t far off exits 32 or 33 with signs directing you. As they say on their website, GPS doesn’t always work properly in that area. From experience, it can get a bit turned around itself. They have a simple map on their site that shows you the easiest way to avoid traffic when traveling there.

The view as we drove up to the Ice Castle was astounding. Layer upon layer of ice frozen into a castle-type shape and “dripping” with ginormous icicles. The icicles weren’t thawing this night, that’s for sure, with temps in the single digits before you factor in wind chill.

TIP: Layer up and wear mittens and boots!

When do the Ice Castles open in 2024?

Opening and closing day are determined by the weather. As you can imagine, it needs to stay really cold out in order for the ice castles to freeze and stay frozen. This year they will open on January 20, 2024.

How much does parking cost?

The parking lot isn’t too far from the entrance and parking is free.

How much are tickets to the Ice Castles?

You can buy tickets onsite if they have any available but the safest bet is to order ahead so you don’t risk them selling out the time you want. I selected the mobile delivery option. It was so easy! I didn’t worry about losing a ticket and could pull my ticket links up via text message.

Ticket price is dependent on the location you visit so check the website for more specific pricing but ticket prices in New Hampshire range between $12-$21. Standby (onsite) tickets cost a bit more.

Tunnel Slide Ice Castles Lincoln New Hampshire

What can you expect when you visit?

Once we were inside it was hard to know where to look first! Walls of ice loomed around us, icicles hung over our heads, lights danced from the ice, and music wafted through the air. It was so festive. Everywhere we turned was a perfect photo op! Do you know how hard it was to choose which photos to share?!

There were a few interactive displays like a mini tunnel slide, small tunnels through ice walls, and one longer tunnel slide, which they provide sleds for. I didn’t ride that one but the rest of the family did and they loved it.

At the back side of the ice castle there is a spot you can get hot cocoa to warm up without leaving the attraction. SCORE for them. You can also pick up some snacks and memorabilia at the gift shop you exit through.

Ice Castle Dragon

How should you dress?

Wear gloves, boots, and coats. Not only is this attraction outdoors, but it’s made of ICE. It’s cold. (See the cute shivery kids pictured above.)

What restaurants are near Ice Castles New Hampshire?

Here are several restaurant options to choose from. Our favorite is Gypsy Cafe. If your family has any food allergies be sure to mention it and ask for an allergy-friendly menu.

RTKB Family Travel- Ice Castles Lincoln, NH

Disclosure: Ice Castles partnered with us by giving us tickets in exchange for sharing our experience. There was no other compensation and all opinions are my own.

Original Post Published: January 12, 2017

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