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Do you feel like your budget is getting tighter? Need to figure out how to save some money? Check out our first in a series on how to save money with coupons.

*Reviving and Updating an old post*

I am starting with the basics so this may be old news to some of you. However, I don’t know what level everyone is on so this is my best option. Also, the scope of savings goes way beyond coupons but we will work those things in as we go in some of my other blog posts – whether they are lessons or just  “frugal” tips. For the record I hate the words frugal and thrifty so if anyone finds something less used and more creative let me know.  I’m currently living inside my “box”.

Common Misconceptions of Couponing…

…and how to “fix” them

  • “But I only buy organic”  – sometimes there are organic coupons but unless you don’t buy toilet paper and razors and other toiletries you can still use coupons!!
  • “I don’t use processed foods”   – So why not save more with coupons on your toiletries and paper products or pet food so you have MORE money for the non-processed foods?
  • “It’s so much work. I don’t have time”.  You don’t have time or you don’t MAKE time? If you want it badly enough you can find time. I know women who juggle full time jobs AND kids plus couponing. Couponing has so many levels you don’t have to clip every coupon to make it work for you. You don’t have to hit every sale, and you don’t have to spend hours doing it. The first few months are the biggest investment of hard core couponing. After that you know what to look for and it is old hat in no time.
  • “Only poor or old people coupon.” – WRONG!!! According to Nielsen, the largest group of coupon shoppers are white women, under 54 with a college degree and an average salary of over $70,000 yearly.

How to Coupon…

…and what you need.

  • Sunday newspaper – If you get the weekend paper delivered you already have money sitting outside your door every Saturday. Your newspaper isn’t just paper, it’s an investment if you use it right. The Saturday part of the Inquirer will have your coupons.
  • Red Plum Coupon Inserts – If you are local, these are in the FREE store fliers you get in the mail during the week… and you thought they were just junk papers!  Also in the Daily Local on Sundays.
  • P&G (Procter and Gamble) Coupons – Come out once a month, generally the first weekend of the month. Locally in the Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • Smart Source Coupons – Found in both the Daily Local AND Inquirer but the Inquirer usually has more and better inserts.
  • Internet and printer – you don’t HAVE to have the paper. You can print coupons from legit sources online.,,, and name brand websites are some of the more common ones.
  • Store loyalty card – You don’t even HAVE to print coupons. Many store loyalty cards have downloadable coupons on their websites.
  • You can also sign up on to register store loyalty cards and download coupons to your account. When you buy the product it credits your Saving Star account and when you get to $5 you can cash out for paypal or gift cards.

Task 1 for How to Save Money with Coupons

  • Collect your coupons and look through them – keep only what you will use.
  • Explore online coupons, store shopper cards, etc.
  • Find out what brands you use that may have coupons on their websites.
  • If you find a coupon to go with something you are going to buy anyway OR is an item you will need in the future and is on sale right now – USE IT!!! Get it cheaper now so you don’t pay more later.

How to Save Money with Coupons - Real: The Kitchen and Beyond

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