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From kid to adult, we are huge fans of our salad and salad dressings. We don’t buy salad dressings very often anymore for several reasons.

Reason number one, have you read the label lately? It can be hard to find a salad dressing that doesn’t have a list of chemical preservatives in them, and cheap ingredients rule the labels. A hazard of food allergies is knowing all too well what’s in your food.

Reason number two, money. Good grief, the cost of salad dressing has risen. Now, my avocado lime might not be the cheapest dressing on the block, but when compared to the cost of a high end dressing that this would definitely stack up to, I’m not thinking it’s so bad either.

Reason number 3, it’s easy. I honestly never realized how easy it is to make salad dressing until I gave it a try. Really, I think it’s easier than standing in the salad dressing aisle, reading labels and figuring out which flavor to buy.

As I said, we all love our salad, and we all have an opinion on our salad dressings. Because of that, the kids have started taking a role in creating new salad dressing options. Here are our favorites.

Easy Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes and Pictures

Salad Dressing Recipes

Avocado Lime Ranch – Hello homemade deliciousness. Goodbye store bought. I absolutely despise store bought ranch dressing, but not this stuff. Oh mama is it good. I always finish it off by licking the spoon.

Quick and Easy Balsamic Dressing – I also call this 1,2,3 Balsamic Dressing. Why? Because we all can count to 3, right? This balsamic dressing is pretty much that easy. Boom, booyah, healthy, easy savory dressing is on my salad. The longer this dressing sits, the better it tastes.

Banana Berry Dressing – My 8 year old loves to be in the kitchen. He came up with this concoction. I was skeptical but it’s good. It’s really good. Definitely recommend you try this sweet and fruity dressing.

Berry Yogurt Dressing – My 6 year old came up with this one. With only the suggestion of adding pepper when she thought it didn’t taste quite right, this one was all her.

Honey French Dressing – My friend Hallee makes this great Honey French Dressing. My son loves French Dressing so this is perfect for him.

I am still on the look out for a great Caesar Dressing that doesn’t have raw eggs. Have one for me? What are your favorite homemade dressings? Feel free to share in comments. I would love to try something new.

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  1. We go through so much dressing in this house it’s not funny! I’ll have to try some of these. 🙂

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