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I love starting my morning with a smoothie. Rich in vitamins and a good serving of veggies and fruit, they are almost always a hit in our house. That is unless the kale doesn’t break down as far as the kids would like. No one likes drinking leaf bits. While it is slightly brown in color, I call this my green energy smoothie thanks to the green tea and kale base. The addition of blueberries makes it a flecked brownish color but palatable to little taste buds. Blueberries make even “yucky” vegetables go down smoother and are perfect for any green smoothie recipe.

Green Energy Smoothie

  • Pack the blender with kale to the 4 cup line. By pack it, I mean add a handful, push it down. Add another handful, push it down. Repeat until you have a nicely packed 4 cups in the blender.
  • Add 8 ounces brewed green tea. I use 2 tea bags and brew the recommended amount of time. Since kids are enjoying this one I used decaf green tea. No way do my kids needs a helping hand to their craziness.
  • Blend these 2 ingredients together until liquid with few leafy bits. I use the liquify setting on my KitchenAid Blender.
  • Peel and add 1 medium sized pineapple, including the core.
  • Core and add 1 apple, 1 peeled banana, and 1 cup frozen blueberries.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Serves 6 (appr. 8 ounce servings)

green energy smoothie and fruit

Have a camera handy for smoothie ‘staches and relax, knowing you served up a healthy dose of veggies and fruit with this green smoothie recipe.

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  1. This is a perfectly timed post, because last month I quit coffee (and I’m starting to relapse), and making a green smoothie was my plan for the morning. So THANK YOU! I will be trying this tomorrow. I love green tea and never tried it with kale or fruit. 🙂 Cheers.

    1. Enjoy! You can substitute dairy for green tea in so many smoothie recipes. I wish I had thought to link more of my smoothie recipes to the bottom of the post. We love trying different combinations.

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