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Schedules! UGH! I hate them. It’s a complicated thing but my life isn’t the same from day to day let alone week to week so schedules that don’t work out have always driven me bonkers so I hit delete. Well, my life has gotten even more complicated and crazy so back to the schedule board I go. I’m desperate. It needs to work. Knowing my downfall is when the schedule doesn’t go as planned I am working on a way to keep myself from the fatal blow it deals me.

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  • Since our month changes from week to week I made 4 tabs in my Open Office Spreadsheet document – 1 for each week of the month.
  • Each column is labeled
  • Each row under A has a time frame
  • I filled out everything that stays the same from week to week and then copied it into each page.
  • I then went back through and scheduled by level of importance (i.e. I scheduled a good night’s sleep,  then scheduled homeschooling the kids, and worked the rest of my day around that.)
  • I scheduled every 15 minute increment of the day – for the sleep parts of the day I did 30 minute increments
  • I enlarged each column so when I print it out there are no “hidden” or run-on words.
  • Uploaded it to Google Drive so I can access it no matter where I am
  • Printing each page for home use
  • Laminating it so when schedule changes happen I can use a dry erase marker over the place that needs to change for that time frame. This will help ease my stress about the schedule changes.

Printable Schedules

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  1. Thank You so much! I thought I was going to have to put all that info in myself. I was having a hard time finding a template with 15 minute increments in a format my computer understands.

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