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We are officially half way through our 12 weeks frugal meal planning series. Are you ready for Christmas? I look forward to Christmas Dinner but not quite as much as Thanksgiving. Are there any fabulous food traditions your family has for the holidays? Every year we celebrate with my family me dad makes “roast beast”. Oh, I cannot wait! Roast beef, slow cooked in the oven, mashed potatoes, and whatever else comes to the table. Yum!

Since we alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas between parents Christmas Eve is our family’s time for traditions. This year it appears weather may put a crimp in our plans because we usually go to our church’s Christmas Eve service, drive around looking at lights, then come home for some gorgonzola beef stroganoff and homemade ice cream then head out of town if it is the Christmas we travel. This year we will likely be leaving town a little early so we will have to miss Christmas Eve and homemade ice cream. However, I will be making our gorgonzola beef stroganoff to eat on the road.

Frugal Meal Planning Meal Plan 6 |

Breakfast Meal Plan 6

Day 1 – French Toast with fruit salad

Day 2 – Granola

Day 3 – Granola

Day 4 – Egg Sandwiches

Day 5 – Cranberry Clementine Baked Oatmeal or Lemon Blueberry Donut French Toast Bake

Day 6 – Granola

Day 7 – Donuts, yogurt, and fruit

Lunch Meal Plan 6

Day 1 – Sandwiches, chips, and veggie sticks

Day 2 – Mushroom Beef Tacos, baby carrots, and fruit

Day 3 – Tuna Salad Sandwiches and Soup

Day 4 – Peanut Butter and jelly sandwiches, tortilla chips, and salsa, cucumbers

Day 5 – Christmas Dinner

Day 6 – Salad

Day 7 – Chicken Caprese Salad ( fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, and grilled chicken breast cubed)

Dinner Meal Plan 6

Day 1 – Roast Beef, mashed potatoes, and green beans

Day 2 – Roasted Asparagus Soup and Salad {Recipe coming}

Day 3 –  Jarlsberg Stuffed Meatballs in Mushroom Soup over pasta

Day 4 – Gorgonzola Beef Stroganoff with asparagus

Day 5 – Christmas Dinner

Day 6 – Christmas Dinner Leftover Soup (Do you see what a fan I am of soup for leftovers after a holiday?)

Day 7 – Pizza and salad


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