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I was given a free trapeze class with Fly School Circus Arts. Hold up! I am completely petrified of heights. I actually laughed and said no way when I was offered the chance. Don’t hate me. I know some of you are like ARE YOU CRAZY to turn that down?

fly school circus

Scared out of my mind I emailed them back and said I would do it after all. Why?! I got butterflies in my stomach just thinking of it two weeks ahead of time. That morning the anxiety gave me a horrible headache and those butterflies were GIANTS. I was pretty much freaking out but here’s why I said yes. I try to teach my kids to try new things – even things that seem a little lot scary. When life hands them opportunities I want them to grab on with both hands and go along for the ride. If I don’t do the same how can I teach them? Actions teach much louder than words and that is how I ended up on Broad St. with Fly School Circus Arts.

I wasn’t always so scared. As a pre-teen girl my sisters and I use to pretend we were in the circus. We would swing from tree branches, hang upside down, and be all manner of crazy. No wonder my mother got gray hair pre-maturely. We were like monkeys in those trees.  Somewhere around 13 I became scared of many things, including heights. Trapeze Artist no longer appealed to me and we fast forward to yesterday.

Destination: Fly School Circus, currently residing at 313 S. Broad St. in Philadelphia is offering classes all month long for PIFA 2013. They are offering classes for any one 6 years and older and under 250 pounds. Anyone in that range can sign up for a 2 hour class for $55. That’s IT! Have a kid who dreams of the circus? Have a Bucket List? Try something new, and take it from petrified me – something FUN.

When you arrive you sign in and wait for your class to start. Mary Kelly Rayel and her team are excellent at what they do. They do an excellent job at making even petrified rocks like me a little more comfortable with the thought of “swinging through the air with the greatest of ease”. Yes, even me. First she explained the rules and process. Next we practiced on the low bar. After that, line up and the show is on.

Fly Circus School, come fly with us

It’s surreal. Each step you focus on the step you are on and wait for the next. So much happens in quick sequence that before you know it, the ginormous ladder, the skinny shifting platform, and the first hop are all history. You fly through the air, attempt swinging upside down and a back flip and you meet the net. None of it’s painful just requires a little trust. So not my thing to trust someone else, let alone a stranger but I did it! I didn’t get the hook, I didn’t get the back flip but I faced my fear and I went for it. In fact, I went for it 4 times. It’s addicting and did I mention FUN? Next time maybe I’ll actually complete the technique.

Fly Circus School, learn to fly



learn to fly with Fly School Circus

Learning to fly with Fly School Circus







The sense of accomplishment at actually having taken a trapeze lesson, climbing that ladder, standing on that platform, taking that first swing, it’s amazing. Amidst the agonizing fear I did that, and you can too.

Back to the lesson….that’s a success too. When we got there my boys said there was NO WAY they would ever do it. They are as petrified of heights as I am. When we left they were begging us to let them do it. Even as they watched me repeatedly go up that ladder and saw in full detail what  they would be required to do, they want to do it. They learn by our actions.

Thank you to Aversa PR and Fly School Circus Arts for teaching me to fly, and even more for the chance to teach my kids a life lesson. I am forever grateful.


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    1. Yes! It was super cool. Added a really nice backdrop and feel. The only bad part was the trumpeteer across the street. Apparently he randomly shows up in front of the Kimmel Center throughout the day – with different instruments. That day it was a trumpet. He would come, blast a few notes, leave, and come back an hour later.

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