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Welcome to Fabulously Frugal Thursday. I am talking about ever so exciting cleaning rags. But first, today we are starring last week’s most clicked on Fabulously Frugal Thursday post from Brown Thumb Mama.


I clean houses for a (part-time) living. I go through MANY rags. Rags are expensive. Especially when you use them for cleaning and need a certain material that absorbs properly – you know, absorbs well but doesn’t hold too much water all at the same time. There are quite a few options on the market and I love the microfiber rags – especially for shining mirrors and dusting. Again, it comes back to how expensive they are. Here are some frugal tips for saving money on cleaning rags. Then you can feel okay splurging on those expensive microfiber ones.

frugal cleaning tips

Towels: When bathroom towels start getting ratty I cut them up into rags. I have also purchased a big (cheap) bathroom towel and cut it up to take to work. For $3 I can get 15-20 rags in varying sizes. Hemming the edges keeps them from getting raggy and turning into a thready mess, helping them to last longer. I use them for –

  • Tougher spills or really dirty spots as they grab and hold dirt/food spills well.
  • Hand washing a floor

Old t-shirts: I cut up the kids old stained t-shirts. Rather than just throwing them in the garbage to molder away in a landfill somewhere I up-cycle them to get a much longer use out of them. They clean and get the job done well but since they don’t have the coarser texture the towel rags do they don’t tend to get tougher spots off as well. I use them for-

  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Shining metal.
  • Dusty or low dirt areas.

Socks: Another great up-cycle is holey socks. My mom use to put a little furniture polish on and old sock and send us around the house with the sock inside out on our hand to dust/shine the wood. I use for –

  • incorporating the kids in our cleaning
  • dusting
  • wiping down baseboards

Turning worn out or stained clothing and towels into cleaning rags is good for your budget and definitely a little greener. Just one way I try to stay Fabulously Frugal.


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