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The wind is blowing and it’s slowly driving me insane. That dull roar that just won’t end. It drives me up a wall. To distract myself I decided to make my easy homemade hot chocolate. I have this hot cocoa recipe that I love but when I just want hot chocolate in a hurry I use my homemade chocolate syrup, heat some milk, and have a nice warm sweet drink in no time.

easy homemade hot chocolate recipe

I heat 8 ounces of milk and stir in a few tablespoons of chocolate syrup. While my milk is heating I like to whip some heavy cream to top my hot chocolate with, and in no time I have a quick easy hot chocolate that still doesn’t come from a packet. Even if I heat the milk in the microwave the cream can be whipped in no time and be ready with the milk.

easy homemade hot chocolate with spices | Heather at

To finish my hot cocoa off I top it with mini chocolate chips, Andes mint chips, or my favorite chili powder and cinnamon. Who knew easy could look so fancy?

Easy Hot Chocolate

8 ounces hot milk

3 tablespoons easy homemade chocolate syrup

1/8 – 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream, whipped

Favorite add ins

Easy Homemade Hot Chocolate in Minutes | Heather at

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This week I am linking up with Jo-Lynne Shane for Real Food Recipes. Check out more great “real food” ideas and recipes. 

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    1. I tell Dave all the time that if I was in old times, living on the prairie, I would have gone stark raving mad. It drives me nuts. I get all jittery and literally go a little crazy.

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