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My sister and I made hand soaps today. We didn’t get all organic or anything but that’s my next try.

We bought the soap base at Michaels – 2 – 2# packages of olive oil soap base in case you want to know. (Just an FYI, it costs $2 more at A.C. Moore)

*We melted it in the microwave a minute at a time until it was melted.
*Mixed in 1 oz. loose tea – Wegman’s Ginger Orange Pu-erh
*Poured it on a cookie sheet for an hour.
*We decided to add another layer and mixed in some soap coloring we found on
clearance at Michaels.
*After it hardened we cut it into squares and wrapped each piece in plastic wrap.
*Now all we need to do is add pretty packages.

We HIGHLY recommend adding your favorite scent. The scent is rather utilitarian. It is really nice to wash up with though.

We made 35 – 2 x 2 soap bars and 4 smaller ones.

Love it? Share it!

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