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April 2010 I went on a “crazy trip”. I went to a hotel to meet a bunch of crazy moms. You know, maybe they were ax murderers or something like that. I didn’t even know some of them online. I knew a few for several years and others knew a few for several years and by the time it was done we had a group of 8-10 women who had known each other for varying amounts of time – some for many years. Cathy before Cathy’s Creations Jewelry was one of those women. A crazy loud Greek woman, she is the life of any party she goes to. Love her or hate her you can’t miss her. With a heart about as big as the ocean I don’t know how anyone could hate her. She brought along bracelets to share – her hobby – and a business was born.

Cathy's Creations Jewelry, from the heart

Cathy’s Creations Jewelry has a special story. As a daughter whose mom passed away from breast cancer, Cathy dreamed of honoring her mom in some way. She promised herself that someday, some way she would fulfill that dream and make sure the world knew what a wonderful mother she had. She has succeeded. So many of us know and love a Sofia we have never met in person. Cathy, your mom is so proud of you. This I know.

Cathy found the name of her store by a simple “roll off the tongue” as she called it. The more she said it the more she knew it was the name of her new business. The very first bracelet she created for Cathy’s Creations Jewelry was the “Sofia Breast Cancer Awareness” bracelet. With that bracelet she shared her mom’s story, raising awareness and money for breast cancer research. Of course the Sofia Breast Cancer Awareness is her favorite. How can it not be with so much love and so many memories woven through the strands of beads?

Cathy's Creations Jewelry, jewelry from the heart

One of the things I love about Cathy’s Creations Jewelry is her wonderful heart. It shines though in all that she does. She has built not just a business page but a community where many reach out to help and be helped. She is always looking to find ways to reach out and share her success, her love, her sunshine. From this she has created a huge range of cause bracelets and pendants. She reads up on causes, has requests for new creations, and gets to work. She and her team of wonderful women bring new creations that are near and dear to so many womens’ hearts. She takes each cause story and uses those details to create a special one of a kind bracelet or pendant and then a portion of the profits goes to that cause.

I asked her what the busiest time of year tends to be for her and she said November. Of course, with the holidays coming up that is no surprise. The quality work she turns out makes her jewelry a must buy for stockings and boxes under the tree. I love her jewelry more than most “fine jewelry”. However, this March they have released many new cause jewelry items and she said it has been even busier now. (Hint: Mother’s Day is coming.)

I asked Cathy what her best selling bracelet is and she pointed me toward their “Help Izzy Grow” bracelet. Izzy is a beautiful little girl who had a mystery illness. At just over 6 months of age she was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Complex 1 Deficiency. The financial bills have been staggering and sadly, as Izzy left this world, forever leaving behind this empty hole, her family still deals with the weight of costs in caring for her. Profits from the “Help Izzy Grow” bracelet help her family’s load in a miniscule way but give hope-hope that there really are people out there who care. This is who Cathy is.

Cathy's Creations Jewelry, from the heart

Cathy went from crocheting bead bracelets as a hobby to becoming the successful business woman she is today because she worked hard. She says a secret to success is doing what you love and not thinking of it as a business but as a hobby. It has to come from the heart if you want to be successful.

Cathy’s STORE

If you haven’t checked out our first mom in business yet, be sure to check out Mary’s gorgeous hats.  I have been blessed to have so many friends who are so wonderfully gifted and share their gift with the world.

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  1. What a loving tribute you have written for MY GOOD FRIEND, Cathy O’Grady. I’ll have to look for your postings on FB because I am sure you are yet another of her goofy FRIKES – just as I am!! God bless you – thanks for your blog – I’ll read more of it later today! xxMarian

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