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If you know me, key to any day is a good cup of coffee (or espresso). Since a study I recently read estimated that Americans drink 491 million cups of coffee in a day, and you’re here, I’m guessing you may believe the same. Because of that, whether you live here or are visiting the state, it’s crucial for you to know the best coffee shops in New Hampshire.

iced turkish espresso caffe killim

I’ll continue to add to this list as I stumble upon new fantastic coffee shops (or try your recommendations). I know there are so many more to discover. If you’re looking at a coffee shop in New Hampshire that isn’t on this list and you want to know if I’ve tried it and what the scoop is, shoot me a message on Instagram – fastest way to get an answer.

My list of almost 20 coffee shops in New Hampshire is topped by coffee shops in Manchester because they’re local to me. After that, I’ll list the shops in alphabetical order by town/city.

Manchester, NH

  • Hometown Coffee Roasters (Manchester, NH). This is my favorite go-to coffee shop in the city. You can occasionally find me working at a table here. Donuts on Saturdays are a win as well.
  • South of the 6 – A new espresso bar is in town as of 10/23. The aesthetic is cozy and inviting. They also happen to have some of my favorite baristas running the cafe.
  • Restoration Cafe (Manchester, NH). As of summer 2023, they use Critical Mass espresso out of Massachusetts. It makes a good iced espresso topped with cinnamon cold foam. They are a great place to go for a quick but delicious breakfast or lunch.
  • Eight-Eight Coffee Co. (Manchester, NH). They have unique beverage combos and I especially like their cortados.
  • William & Sons Coffee Co. (Manchester, NH). Their espresso is a bit strong for me, but makes a great latte. The owners are super nice and the coffee shop is gorgeous.
  • A&E Coffee Roasters (Manchester, and Amherst, NH). I haven’t been here in quite some time but they have always had really good specialty lattes with interesting flavors.
  • Sunny Cafe (Manchester NH). Technically, another cafe, but they have an extensive drink menu. They use Hometown Coffee Roaster beans so this is a win in my book. They have a wide variety of fun and interesting lattes and some good food options.
iced latte from top view

Why yes. There are SIX fantastic places to get delicious coffee in the city of Manchester, NH. Way too many decisions to make. I’m sharing them all with you, but in that list, I’ve selected a few favorites that I most often choose – Hometown Coffee Roasters tops the list. I am all about brand and people loyalty when the espresso is delicious by itself and the service is great.

Know what’s even better? I also have a list of all the best donut (doughnut?) shops in New Hampshire to go with that coffee. Check out my list of the best donut shops in NH here.

Staples to Make The Best Coffee While Traveling

If you are traveling, knowing the best coffee shops in the area is pretty important in my book. However, sometimes you need to make it yourself. Here’s what I travel with to ensure I always have a good cup for my day (While these are affiliate links, they are the products I have used for years and recommend):

Best Coffee Shops Across New Hampshire

  • Flight Coffee Co. (Bedford, NH and Dover, NH). I like their espresso over ice, but they also have some great house made syrups.
  • Mad River Coffee (Campton, NH). Campton is one of those places I love to go for some peace and quiet. A good cup of coffee goes hand-in-hand with enjoying a peaceful day outdoors, in my opinion. This is a great spot to grab a cup.
  • Revelstoke Coffee (Concord, NH). I love their espresso over ice or a hot mocha latte. They have a super cool clock on the wall too. 😉 There are several coffee shops in Concord, but I like their espresso so much I haven’t tried any others there.
  • Coffee Factory (Derry, NH). This is another coffee shop that roasts their own beans. I prefer their lattes above straight coffee or espresso, but make it a point to stop there when I’m in the area.
  • Ollie and Me (Exeter, NH). There are other coffee shops I prefer, but this is a good place to get a latte if you’re in the area.
  • Blue Harbor Coffee (Hampton, NH). I only visited this coffee shop one time, pre-Covid, and I still remember it as a really good latte. I keep meaning to go back and just don’t happen to be in the area at the right time.
  • Dirt Cowboy (Hanover, NH). Funny kind of name. Great coffee (and sandwich) shop. If you’re in the area, you need to jump on over to Lebanon and grab some Muriel’s Donuts to go with that coffee.
espresso over ice hometown coffee roasters manchester nh
  • Wayfarer Coffee Roasters (Laconia and Lakeport, NH). This is the first coffee shop I discovered when we were moving to New Hampshire and it was a lifesaver. This is the coffee shop that kickstarted my love of small coffee roasters and espresso. I love the name. I love the logo. I love the shop. Most of all, I love their espresso.
  • Union Coffee Co. (Milford, NH). I most enjoy their dirty chai (hot or iced).
  • Frontside Coffee Roasters (North Conway, NH). This one is a hike for me, but if you’re ever in the Conway area, they are a winner.
  • Caffe Killim (Portsmouth, NH). Their Turkish coffee/espresso is dark, strong, and delicious.
  • Mocha Joe’s (Portsmouth, NH). Not to be confused with the chain, Aroma Joe’s. The last I knew, they use A&E Coffee. They were my go-to when I visit Portsmouth until I discovered Caffe Killim, thanks to several friends.
  • Farmhouse Roasters (Salem, NH). I like their espresso straight up over ice. But their iced mochas are good as well.
iced mocha sunny cafe manchester nh

Cheers to finding your next best cup of coffee, espresso, or latte! Be sure to let me know your favorite coffee shops in New Hampshire or elsewhere – I’m always looking for the best coffee shops in my travels because a bad cup of coffee is the worst way to start the day.

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