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Who has leftover turkey overflowing the refrigerator? We weren’t home for Thanksgiving, which means we (sadly) have no Thanksgiving Leftovers. I love Thanksgiving leftovers and can happily eat them for a week so here are 7 Thanksgiving leftover recipes that help you stretch that turkey while enjoying a variety of meals and flavors. Now I am off to find a turkey so I can have “Thanksgiving leftovers”.  

Some of these recipes use chicken but all you need to do is swap chicken for turkey and you have some fantastic meals this week that will help you with some frugal meal planning in this season of spending. 

7 thanksgiving leftover recipes |

Meal 1: Turkey Cranberry Flatbread Pizza

Meal 2: Turkey and Gravy

Meal 3: Strawberry and Kale Chicken Salad – this would be perfect with a mix of white and dark turkey meat

Meal 4: Chicken and Couscous Soup

Meal 5: Chicken Cheddar Ziti

Meal 6: Chicken/Turkey, Bean, and Veggie Soup

Meal 7: Roast Chicken, Strawberry, and Kale Salad

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