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You don’t need to walk into your kitchen in the evening stressed out.  Here’s how you can make “What’s for dinner tonight” stress-free.

“What’s for dinner tonight?” is a common refrain if you have kids, and really, let’s be honest, it even runs in our own heads the later in the day it gets.

This phrase can be full of stress, especially if we are constantly running kids around or working a full or part-time job. Friends, it doesn’t have to be this hard. I promise. I’ve been there and I’ve gotten through it. You may have to break some of your own thoughts and habits here to make it a success but if you commit to doing this you can break the cycle of frustration that comes with “what’s for dinner tonight”.

Easy ways to solve “what’s for dinner tonight?”

Meal Plan away “What’s for Dinner Tonight?”

The number one way to solve the “what’s for dinner tonight” blues is to meal plan. I know. Some of us are free spirits who can’t possible know what we’ll want for dinner in 7 days let alone 2. We still need a meal plan. We just need a meal plan that works for us, not against us. Check out my non-traditional easy meal planning tips that make evening dinner prep flow smoother for us.

Meal Planning made simple

Prep Ahead to Solve “What’s for Dinner Tonight?”

If you are part of my Practical Kitchen membership, which is all about making food prep and cooking easier and less of a burden for busy families, you’ve heard my prep-ahead philosophy repeatedly. If you aren’t in it, what are you waiting for? Go check it out. I believe the tips you will learn will more than get you your money back in time and food budget.

I believe prepping ahead saves so much time (and often, money). Having ingredients or meals prepped ahead of time helps cut down on the busy time you spend in the kitchen when you just don’t feel like making dinner. Pulling out prepped veggies or precooked rice to throw together an easy meal can be all that you need some days. Side benefit is that you waste less groceries too. Double win! Here are 6 easy tips for wasting less produce that also help save time in the kitchen.

Prep ahead veggies

Freeze a Meal to deliver “What’s for Dinner Tonight?”

Freezer meals are an easy solution to “What’s for dinner tonight?”. This is especially true if you thought about it ahead of time and popped it in the fridge to thaw or can throw it in the Instant Pot. (What?! You don’t have an Instant Pot?! You need one. See my next tip.) At the very least, cook up some batches of ground beef or cook and shred some beef, chicken, or pork and throw it in the freezer to make dinner salads, tacos, or burritos. Those are the easiest meals you could possibly throw together. You could also make some homemade pizza dough and bake some pizza crusts and throw them in the freezer for a quick easy meal.

Freezer Meals

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Slow Cook or Super Cook “What’s for Dinner Tonight?”

My slow cookers and Instant Pots are vital to solving the issue of “What’s for dinner tonight?” when I know I have a busy day ahead of me. Yes, both in multiples. I use them all. Seriously! If you buy only one, go with an Instant Pot since it can do it all. I own this one and this one. Size is preference but I suggest the larger one. It’s a dream for making a double batch of soup in an hour. YES! An hour – make one for dinner and throw the second in the freezer.

whats for dinner tonight instant pot meal

Takeout Emergency Call in is “What’s for Dinner Tonight?”

Yup. Call your favorite takeout to answer “what’s for dinner tonight?” sometimes. I recommend saving this for true last ditch efforts or building specific times you are going to do this into your budget. Save it for the days you really need it so you aren’t spending too much on takeout or blowing it on a night one of the above options could really be utilized. My secret weapon is to keep track of area specials like $5 pizzas at a local chain. If I’m gonna use it I may as well make every penny count. I can barely make a homemade pizza for $5!

Whats for dinner tonight pizza

So what’s holding YOU back from walking into the kitchen and kicking that “what’s for dinner tonight” stress to the curb?

5 Ways to Solve_What's for dinner tonight__with less stress.

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