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You know one of the best parts about traveling is trying the local food, but who wants to risk spending money on a meal that’s nothing to call home about? I sure don’t – especially if we’re on a family vacation and feeding all 5 of us. That’s why I’m sharing places to eat in Sevierville, Tennessee that we’ve already tried.

Sure, I could have made an impressive list of restaurants to try because there are a ton there that look interesting, but I don’t want to share something I haven’t already tried. You can check out our sponsor Visit Sevierville for more restaurant recommendations. Also make sure to check out our list of things to do in Sevierville.

Places to Eat in Sevierville, Tennessee

From your familiar chain restaurants to BBQ or southern comfort food, there’s no shortage of places to eat in Sevierville. The tough part is choosing one. We’re here to make it easier and share where we ate and what we loved. You’ll see our “must-try” recommendations noted with (*).

  • Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant* – I can’t tell you about their lunch but you’ve gotta add this one to your breakfast schedule. You likely won’t even need lunch after eating breakfast here, if you need to justify skipping out on your hotel’s lackluster but free breakfast. The portions are generous and the service good. You MUST try an Applewood Julep. And bacon. Just say yes to the bacon.
    Quiche Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant
    Apple Fritters Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant
  • Tony Gore’s Smoky Mountain BBQ and Grill* – If nothing else you have to try Loaded Tater Chips once in your life. Don’t take my word for it. Just check this out. I also love the beef brisket. You’ve been warned – the portions are generous. The fried roll is also a winner and I like the housemade lemonade. I dare you to drink a second glass. (The glasses are a generous size along with everything else you order.) Should I even mention the cake? We hear it’s cut into 7 slices – definitely 1 slice to share if you can agree on one.
    Ribs Tony Gore Smokey Mountain BBQ Sevierville TN
  • Five Oaks Farmhouse Restaurant* – If you’re looking for some fried catfish, you know where to get it. Also, about now you likely need a side salad. There’s no end to the amounts of BBQ and southern comfort food one can eat here but a little fresh greens never hurt a body.
    Fried Catfish Five Oaks Farm Kitchen Sevierville TN
  • Flapjack’s Pancakes – If you want breakfast hot but in a hurry, this is the place for you. You can eat and be on your way in no time. It’s a practical chain restaurant and I’d say go with the crepes, pancakes, or waffles.
    Crepes Flapjacks Pancake Cabin Sevierville TN
  • Courthouse Donuts* – Not just a make-your-own donut shop, Courthouse Donuts also serves lunch. My husband loved the chicken salad while I gave the pimento cheese sandwich on a pretzel roll a try. I’d say pimento cheese definitely needs to be served hot. Make sure you save room for a donut. Or better yet, stop at the counter and order your donut first. I’ll never say no to a warm chocolate covered donut with caramel drizzle.
    Pimiento Cheese Sandwich Courthouse Donuts Sevierville, TN

Do you have a favorite place to eat in Sevierville, Tennessee? Drop us a line and let us know where we need to eat the next time we drive through, and don’t forget to check out things to do in Sevierville, Tennessee.

5 Places to Eat in Sevierville, Tennessee

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