Vaseline Spray & Go, a Moisturizing Love Affair

Vaseline Spray & Go

I’m finally in love with my moisturizer. I have always hated moisturizer for so many reasons – icky greasy feel, strong scents that make me sneeze, gunk that just won’t absorb, residue under my finger nails, that cold feeling when you slather it on – I’m just not a fan. Or should I say I wasn’t? Let me introduce my new bedtime routine – Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer.

We are so not talking about that tub of dip and dab Vaseline jelly you use to stick on babies’ bottoms. Lightly scented, cocoa radiant moisturizer is my decadent bedtime routine in a world of hurry up and go to sleep. Its claims – “moisturizes in seconds” and “non-greasy”, were spot on, or should I say SPRAY on.

That extra minute of sleep I lose is so worth it when I spray, rub in and hit the pillow. Okay, so maybe you are envisioning the same thing I did when I first heard of this “new it thing”. You know, doing the spray, dance and furiously rub spray on sun screen into your skin as you pray you got every spot and don’t streak, or worse yet, blotch burn?

This is way better. It sprays on lightly and evenly, and with one rub, it absorbs into your skin beautifully without leaving sticky gunky junk on your hands. Can you see why I’m in love? My new BFF even has its own satin bed. After all, luxury deserves a satin bed. 

Vaseline Spray and Go

Let’s review the magic of Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer-

  • Non-greasy
  • Absorbs in minutes
  • Goes on light and smooth
  • Lightly scented like the luscious and decadent cocoa bean. (Can cocoa beans be luscious? OF COURSE THEY CAN when they make my skin feel so silky smooth.)
  • Spray and go – almost literally.

Where did I get this lovely bottle of magic? Vaseline sponsored Mom Mixer Fall 2014 (organized and hosted by Colleen and Whitney) and generously gave me a bottle of Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant. I wasn’t asked to review it but since I loved the product so much I decided to tell YOU all about it because next time you’re at the store, you NEED a bottle.  You really do, so just add it to your shopping list now so you don’t forget. Now let me Spray & Go so I can get my beauty rest. Oh, one last thing. You can find Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide for JUST $7.99. 



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