Koru Yoghurt: A Rich and Creamy Giveaway

**Sadly Koru seems to have closed its doors.**

If you have been around for a bit you know I love the new “it” yoghurt. No, that isn’t a typo. Koru yoghurt is a New Zealand creamery style yoghurt, which may answer part of why there is an “h” in their yoghurt. I don’t care what the reason is – it is yummy stuff no matter how you spin spell it. What does matter is that I am going to share with you. Koru Yoghurt sent me some free yoghurt coupons so I am sharing the love and giving a few away.

koru yogurt giveaway

One lucky winner will receive 4 FREE coupons.
A second winner will receive 2 FREE coupons.

So here’s the deal.  First, check to see if Koru Yoghurt is located in a store near you. (Tip: check grocery store websites to make it easier.) I know they are out and about in the Philadelphia area, New York City, Boston, Ohio, and Michigan. Where else are they? Let us know.

Second, ENTER!

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Breakfast and Dessert? Koru Creamery Style Yoghurt

koru dairy creamery style yoghurtI had dessert for lunch. Yes. I truly feel that way and what better way to have lunch then to eat dessert for lunch? Koru Creamery Style Yoghurt for the win. This week I had the opportunity to talk with the woman who made Koru Yoghurt have a place in this world. There is nothing better than learning about a business, a product, or a brand than hearing from the very one who gave it life.

Koru Creamery Style Yoghurt comes in 5 absolutely delicious flavors. Yes, yummy fruit flavors that sound real and taste real. Forget manufactured lab flavors. Peach, Passionfruit, Pomegranate Cherry, Strawberry Goji, and Mango taste  REAL. Even better, you don’t even need them to fall in love with this yogurt. Generally the first thing I do with any “fruit on the bottom” yogurt is to mix it up and mix it well. Not Koru. I eat half the yoghurt before even getting to the fruit option.

Koru Creamery Style Yoghurt is made with delicious sweet cream in a style that comes from New Zealand. It serves up a deliciously sweet yoghurt without that sharpness that some yogurts deliver. The creaminess makes it literally melt in your mouth as you indulge your senses.

Koru comes in a clear plastic cup that is shaped to make it easy to scrape out the edges, not like I tried or anything. No, I didn’t run my finger along the edge of the container to get every last drop either. Not at all.  The packaging is simple and attractive, making it easy to read what it is and what is in it.

koru yogurt

As a brand new product on the market you can find it in limited locations with the Philadelphia area’s debut in Shoprite. Samplings are happening in Philly right now so if you step off the train and some one with Koru Creamery Style Yoghurt offers you a sample, take it. It will make your day.

Here’s the awesome gift packs we got – soft sided coolers with Koru yogurt and re-usable cold cups. I am longing for beach days…..


**DISCLAIMER: I received free product to try. As always, all opinions are my own honest opinions.**