DIY: Fruit Flies Be Gone

The fruit flies, or flute flies as my daughter calls them, are back. I hate fruit flies. They are gross and annoying.  I don’t know why but I forget that there is an easy DIY trick to get rid of them until 1 week into this horrible season of fruit flies. If you don’t get them, well lucky you!! They seriously are starting to creep me out.

fruit flies be gone

Put a small container of apple cider vinegar(or regular vinegar) out with a squirt of dish soap. Within 2 days your fruit fly population greatly decreases. Well, mine has every time for the last 3 years. Here’s to hoping that this year it works just as well. this time I am trying apple infused balsamic vinegar with the soap. I put it next to my fruit bowl in the hopes that the fruit flies disappear.

fruit flies be gone

Change the solution out every few days and start fresh, or as soon as you have a mass graveyard of fruit flies.


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