DIY Christmas Decorations with Apples

My family loves apples. In fact, they love apples so much it is surprising they didn’t protest about me using some for DIY Christmas decorations. I love the look of dried apple ornaments and they are so easy to make. Plus they are a frugal decoration. One apple will provide plenty of ornaments for your tree, window, or a pretty centerpiece. 

DIY Christmas Decoration with Apples |

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It seems like Christmas ornaments are getting more expensive every year and, if you have noticed,  many are made more cheaply. I am not really a fan of paying big dollars to drape a tree and pray they don’t fall off and break. I am also not a fan of blowing a lot of money on them. However, I am not the craftiest person on the block so that means I needed to find some DIY Christmas decorations that are EASY to make. My goal is to create a new DIY Christmas decoration every year so I eventually have a wide range of beautiful (mostly) handmade Christmas decorations to go with the special ornament we buy each year for the kids.

DIY Apple Christmas Decorations

Printable Directions



  • Preheat oven to 150-170.
  • Slice apple thinly. As you get to seeds, pull them out so they don’t mess up the apples slices.
  • Lay apple slices in single layer, not touching, on foil.
  • Put in oven. Turn after 2 hours and let dry for another 2-3 hours, until they are completely dried. I dry just until they have a little flexibility left so they aren’t too brittle.
  • Make a small slit near top of apple and run ribbon or yarn through it.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations |

More Christmas ideas

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Do you have any favorite Christmas ornaments or favorite DIY Christmas Decorations?

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