9 Tips for Back to School Savings

If you are like me you feel like it was just days ago you were singing “School’s out for summer…”.  And now, not even a month after school was out here in Pennsylvania, earth to mom. What do I see plastered on many store fliers? What do I see in WalMart’s main aisle? SCHOOL SUPPLIES….not just school supplies but actual SCHOOL SUPPLY LISTS. I totally don’t want to think of these things yet but here’s the deal. That IS the deal. So pull out those school supply lists, start checking the fliers and find those deals. Here are my tips for back to school savings.

9 tips for back to school savings

  • Check fliers. Many have loyalty card deals, $0.25 deals, and $0.01 deals. Keep an eye on limits and start collecting supplies each week.
  • Price match – know different stores’ policies and how they price match. Take those fliers to the stores that do and save a trip.
  • Keep ONE location – a bin, a bag, something – to collect those supplies so school doesn’t come and you are frantically trying to find then re-buying because you can’t remember where….
  • Keep an eye out for online daily deals. You just never know what deal will save you some $$.
  • Need any household organizing items or trash cans, etc? College dorms need decked out and you can find things cheaper for your own home space.
  • Don’t go too cheap. Remember quality sometimes saves you more. Take Crayola crayons. Why buy the cheap brand that don’t work well and will inevitably mean you are buying new ones when the price shoots back up?
  • Really really cheap but just need one? I have paid full price way too often during the year for lost or broken rulers, erasers, etc. Buy an extra, or two, or three.
  • Back packs, book bags and lunch boxes – pay a few more $$ for quality so it actually lasts.
  • Clothes – shop those sales, mix and match from summer clearance sales where you can, find consignments stores that carry quality, start a clothes swap, shop kids’ consignment sales.

What are your favorite ways to save on “back to school” expenses?

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Heather McCurdy writes at Real: The Kitchen and Beyond, where she provides easy, affordable recipes for busy families, allowing women to embrace the budget and spend more time with their families without the guilt of needing perfection.

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